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BBQ Wedding Food Menus For Your Special Day

At Smokin’ Bones, we think planning the perfect menu for your wedding should be exciting, not overwhelming, so why not consider BBQ wedding food for your special day? Make the event fantastic and memorable with a fun and festive BBQ feast that will appeal to every guest. Have you always envisioned a delicious buffet-style dinner where your guests can mingle and sample various food stations? Or maybe you’d prefer a more traditional sit-down plated meal for your guests? No problem. At Smokin’ Bones, we have menu and arrangement options to suit your needs, and our full-service catering option means you won’t have to worry about a thing. We will provide tables, chairs, tableware, glassware, waitstaff and bar staff, and handle everything from food preparation, presentation and grilling to table service and cleanup. We will provide tables, chairs, table and glassware, wait staff, and table service. All you’ll have to do is say “I do” and enjoy your special day!

Reasons To Get BBQ Wedding Food

It’s Fun

Everyone loves a backyard BBQ. We associate the tradition with summertime, friends and family, delicious food, and a fun, carefree atmosphere where everyone has a great time. It’s really about keeping it simple and spending time with loved ones! It’s no surprise, then, that taking the basic BBQ concept and embellishing it for a wedding celebration has become increasingly popular in recent history. Show your guests that it’s an occasion to kick off those heels and dance!

It’s a Crowd Pleaser

Creating a menu for a wide variety of wedding guests can often be a little tricky. Everybody is a little bit different, and finding an option that will please both the picky eaters and the foodies is no easy task. But BBQ food is comfort food that puts a smile on everyone’s face, from the little kids to the grandparents, and our different menu options ensure that absolutely everyone will be happy and satisfied – including your vegetarian and gluten-intolerant guests. The food offerings at your event don’t have to be overly complex and unconventional to be good, and we’ll prove it to you.

It’s Affordable

At Smokin’ Bones, we know that sticking to your budget can be really challenging when planning a wedding. Between getting a venue, hiring a photographer and DJ or band, buying the dress and tux, and planning the menu, the numbers can really add up. Don’t worry! We have a variety of BBQ wedding food options to choose from, and all of them affordable. Our helpful staff will collaborate with you to make sure you’re getting what you want while staying within your budget.

It’s Fresh

People love watching the grill in action. Call it human nature! Your guests will love looking on as our grill masters create fresh and delicious BBQ food in front of their eyes. It’s a great way for them to get excited to eat, socialize and celebrate! Whether you choose the Memphis Griller, our Original Southern BBQ, the Ranch Hand Roundup, the Western Stampede, or a unique menu designed specifically for you and your guests’ needs, it guarantees that the food is fresh and literally hot off the grill.

Smokin’ Bones Catering Menu

  1. Memphis Griller. Traditional grilling at its best! A choice between all beef burgers, jumbo all-beef hot dogs and our delectable veggie burgers, two salads, fresh melon and assorted drinks.
  2. Original Southern BBQ. It’s all about the chicken and ribs. Slow cooked BBQ back ribs, fire roasted honey garlic chicken, fresh mini buns, fresh melon, two salads and assorted drinks.
  3. Rand Hand Roundup. Gotta love that roast beef. Our mouth-watering roast beef au jus, fire roasted honey garlic chicken, oven roasted potatoes, two salads or sides, fresh dinner rolls, corn on the cob, fresh melon and assorted drinks.
  4. Western Stampede. It’s a meat lover madness! Aged prime rib roast, BBQ back ribs, homemade potato salad, fresh coleslaw, freshly baked dinner rolls, fresh melon and assorted drinks.
  5. Themed menu options. Not a fan of traditional BBQ wedding food options, or want to add a delicious alternative into the mix? We’ve got you covered. Try Le Quebecois, with poutine, molasses ham and hazelnut crepes; Fajitas Festival, with steak, chicken or vegetarian fajitas and Mexican rice; Indian Surprise, with butter chicken, curry and more; Oodles of Noodles, with a variety of pasta dishes, meatballs, chicken piccata and more; and The Great Grecian, with pork or chicken souvlaki, Greek salad and potatoes.
  6. Kids’ Corral. Don’t forget about the little ones! Our kids’ corral menu is designed for the younger crowd at your event. All-beef burgers, chicken fingers, mac n’ cheese, or grilled chicken drumsticks, crispy, golden fries made on site, BBQ baked beans, fresh melon and assorted drinks are sure to keep the kids satisfied.
  7. Our salad menu offers fresh cut vinaigrette coleslaw, organic mixed field greens with house balsamic, Caesar salad, BBQ baked beans, fresh spinach salad, three bean salad, Greek salad, homemade potato salad, and fresh pasta salad.
  8. Mix and Match. Make your BBQ wedding food menu a personalized affair by choosing the appetizers, mains and desserts you want, and we’ll make it happen!

Why Canadians Love BBQ Food

While BBQ food is often associated with the American South, it’s revered north of the border as well. It’s at the center of many Canadian celebrations and festive days. Whether it’s an official holiday like Victoria Day, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec or Canada Day, or even just a lovely summertime Sunday evening, Canadians from coast to coast can be found in backyards, on balconies, or in public parks firing up the grill while their friends and families look on.

So why do Canadians love their BBQ so much? A big factor is likely a seasonal one. While Canadian summers tend to be relatively short and winters quite long, people really relish those precious, warm BBQ evenings and crave them in the colder months. Whipping up some hearty, comforting pulled pork or smoky brisket at home or heading to a favourite BBQ restaurant for chicken and ribs is a fantastic way to experience some tasty summertime nostalgia. Some have even been known to throw on a parka and brush the snow off of the grill out back in mid-winter when they get a BBQ craving.  Beyond conjuring memories of warmer temperatures and the mood elevation that comes with the heat, associations with family, friends and companionship arise too. Great BBQ, then, is about so much more than just the food itself; it’s about the experience as a whole. It’s about the smells, tastes, sunny weather, connections with loved ones and good memories.

With such a universal appeal, it’s no wonder that the sight and smell of BBQ wedding food at your celebration will bring a huge smile to all of your guests’ faces.  All the positive associations people have with this type of food combined with the excitement of your big day will surely make it the most jovial of occasions in attendees’ minds.

Why Choose Smokin’ Bones For Your Dream Wedding

Are you ready to start planning your dream wedding? Let us take all of the catering worries off of your plate! From tables, chairs and table and glassware, to grill masters, wait staff and bartenders, we’ve got you covered. An experienced catering company like Smokin’ Bones can save you time and money, offer a versatile menu with food that hits the mark every time, create the atmosphere you’re aiming for, and, perhaps most importantly, take all the stress out of what should be an exciting and fun day. Our team of experts will take on all food and drink preparation, cooking, serving, troubleshooting and clean up so that you can spend your time mingling with your loved ones and making memories with your new husband or wife.

BBQ wedding food from Smokin’ Bones is fun, affordable, fresh, and a big crowd pleaser, so it’s the perfect choice for your GTA-area celebration. At Smokin’ Bones, our success is built on our experienced staff, expert preparation, mouth-watering menus, and an on-point presentation style that’s above and beyond the competition every time, and we have the customer reviews and recommendations to prove it. We pride ourselves on creating wonderful food experiences that are memorable for being delicious and expertly executed, with an unparalleled attention to detail.

Our top priority is handling every aspect of your wedding day catering so that the only thing you need worry about is relishing every moment! Our team will ensure that your exact specifications are met for your wedding menu, from buffet style to full white-linen table service, intimate gatherings to huge bashes, no matter your budget, so call us today at (416) 452-9001 or fill out our reservation form to start planning your big day! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our menus or services. With Smokin’ Bones, it’ll definitely be a party to remember. Visit for more information.


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