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The holiday season is presented as a time of relaxation and joy. Still, those who take on the task of cooking and organizing Thanksgiving dinner are usually left with the stress of ensuring everyone has a good time and enjoys their meal. The feat of cooking a Thanksgiving turkey can take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 5 hours, depending on its size. And unfortunately, the more guests you want to invite to your Thanksgiving dinner in Toronto, the more time, effort, and stress go into putting together a memorable meal. 

Luckily, if you want to host Thanksgiving dinner in Toronto, you don’t have to take on the burden of being stuck in the kitchen for hours on end. Instead, you can cater your meal from the top-quality catering service in the Greater Toronto Area, Smokin’ Bones. With four Thanksgiving menu package options and a la carte additions available, you’re destined to put together the perfect meal and rid your Thanksgiving of the stress. 

Here are some tips to streamline your Thanksgiving dinner in Toronto.

Ask for RSVPs 

Thanksgiving dinner TorontoAround the holidays, events held at home don’t require RSVPs because the people are close family and friends. But with the busy nature of the holiday season, asking invitees to confirm whether they will be attending helps you get an accurate count of how many people you will be serving. 

Set a Budget

Determining a budget before you start your planning will guide all of your spending decisions, from meals to entertainment and everything in between. At Smokin’ Bone, our Thanksgiving turkey meal options range from $21.95 to $29.95 per person, so you choose from cost-effective Thanksgiving menu options that deliver on quality and taste. 

Ask About Food Restrictions

The last thing you want at your Thanksgiving dinner in Toronto is an allergic reaction or for a guest to not be able to have sufficient meal options. A detailed understanding of your guests’ food restrictions will help you prepare meals with ingredients your guests can enjoy. While Thanksgiving turkey is a holiday staple, as is cranberry sauce, these are both relatively common allergies, so before you order these menu items from your Thanksgiving catering service, make sure that there are no anaphylactic allergies to them.

If one or more of your guests have a food allergy or dietary restriction, Smokin’ Bones offers alternatives you can order as a substitute. 

Disposable Plates & Cutlery 

Once you get your Thanksgiving meal on the table, only a portion of the stress of holiday meal preparation is eliminated. The rest of the hassle comes with washing dishes and clean up - a time-consuming but seemingly inevitable part of any event. By serving your meals on disposable plates, you can save yourself the time, trouble, and wrinkled fingers of dishwashing. You can opt for fancy and decorative plastic dishes and disposable cutlery that still look elegant on the table. 

Hire a Catering Service 

A reputable catering service like Smokin’ Bones will save you an immense amount of time planning and cooking for your Thanksgiving dinner. You can still get a Thanksgiving turkey but without any of the stress. 

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Just wanted to thank you all for the delicious Christmas dinner. My family was very pleased with the fresh ingredients and the delicious homestyle turkey and brisket dinner. The presentation and the portions were perfect. The pick-up was smooth, and the staff was friendly. We will definitely recommend you to others and keep you in mind for future occasions. All the best and happy New Year!

Todd D

The food was sooo good, and my family loved it!! My mom was so happy eating the vegan meal, it was not oily, it was just perfect!!! We were so happy, and appreciate you making our special dinner happen:) thanks to your whole team, Merry Christmas!

P Chopra

Thank you for your help last week. Every event you do for us seems to be better than the one before. We love you.

Leila Rosati - Kik Corp

Milton, another great event!

Paul Godfrey - Toronto Blue Jays

You made our barbeque for 1500 guests seem like a walk in the park. Not only was the food outstanding but your ability to process that number of guests so quickly and painlessly was something to see. My compliments to your wonderful, always smiling staff. What a difference that makes.

Dawne Brodlieb - Pop Events

Milt, I've told you how important these events are to us and you have never let us down. I cannot express how wonderful it is to just call and know that everything will be taken care of. Don't ever leave us.

Michi G. Jameson - Cushman & Wakefield LePage Inc.

Milton, thank you for your efforts in making our 90th Anniversary Celebration such a huge success. As you know, our most senior executives flew in from Paris for the event and they were thoroughly impressed with everything you did from the presentation, selection, taste and quality of the food to your professional serving and bar staff. All the best.

Nancy Simpson - Aventis Pasteur

Milton et al at Smokin' Bones BBQ Catering... you guys really made the night a great success. Thanks so much. Will see you again soon.

Jeffrey S. Leon - Bennet Jones LLP

Hi Milton, I just wanted to let you know that I thought you, your partner and staff did a fabulous job on Saturday. Best Wishes,

Christina Kobe - Minden Gross LLP

Dear Milton, Saturday was a wonderful event. Great food and great people to work with. Many compliments from our guests. Thanks Again, Jane & Tim Bates

Jane & Tim Bates

Smokin’ Bones

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