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Top 3 Best Events For Turkey Catering in Mississauga 

With the holidays coming up, you might want to consider getting turkey catering in Mississauga. After all, whichever holiday you celebrate during this festive time, the menu of what to serve must be at the top of your mind. When planning your holiday party, some questions come to mind. Where do I start? What kind of food should I prepare? Can I just ease my stress and have my holiday food organized and delivered right to my door? The answer is yes!

Turkey is one of the healthiest, yummiest, and well-liked holiday/celebratory meals to choose from. There are many events where a turkey meal is the preferred choice. Keep reading to find out which events we think go best with turkey catering.

Our Favourite Events For Turkey Catering in Mississauga

Holiday Gatherings

This time of year is always a favourite at Smokin’ Bones. We love to ease any and all stress for our clients by planning their holiday celebrations. There is so much planning that goes into a holiday event and a large part of it is the food. As highly skilled caterers, we take pride in our turkey catering in Mississauga. It’s the healthiest protein out there to serve and we focus on all the details of its preparation and presentation. We also have the freshest ingredients that will enhance your party atmosphere. We are here to help eliminate all of your worries and help you focus on enjoying this wonderful holiday season with your friends and family.


For many folks, a wedding is clearly the biggest and brightest day of their lives! It is a highly significant celebration of one’s existence and therefore, it’s important for the reception to be remembered for a long time after. One big component of this gathering is the food that is served. Turkey catering is a great way to appease anyone’s dietary restrictions or picky palate. It can also go well with any sides. If you are looking for a delicious menu to serve, we at Smokin’ Bones, can make sure that all will fit well with your turkey spread. We want to ensure that any worries you have about your wedding catering is taken off your plate so you can enjoy your beautiful day to the fullest!

Corporate Events

Engaging coworkers and teammates is a vital part of establishing a specialized bond in your company. There can be many corporate parties to plan throughout the year, and most of them should be catered professionally. The best thing to do is have a catering company take care of the food you serve, especially when it comes to rewarding your employees or coworkers. Choosing turkey catering for your function is a great way to ensure that your colleagues will leave their office bash on a full and satisfied belly of goodness.  

Choose a Caterer That Can Handle Any Type of Event

At Smokin’ Bones, we pride ourselves on being the utmost in professionalism and efficiency. We certainly can be trusted to ensure that whatever event you are planning next will be the best one by far! Turkey catering in Mississauga is a great choice and one of our most popular options at Smokin’ Bones. For more information, please contact us at 416.888.6458 or visit our menu at holidays!


What Our Clients Say About Us

Just wanted to thank you all for the delicious Christmas dinner. My family was very pleased with the fresh ingredients and the delicious homestyle turkey and brisket dinner. The presentation and the portions were perfect. The pick-up was smooth, and the staff was friendly. We will definitely recommend you to others and keep you in mind for future occasions. All the best and happy New Year!

Todd D  -

The food was sooo good, and my family loved it!! My mom was so happy eating the vegan meal, it was not oily, it was just perfect!!! We were so happy, and appreciate you making our special dinner happen:) thanks to your whole team, Merry Christmas!

P Chopra -

Thank you for your help last week. Every event you do for us seems to be better than the one before. We love you.

Leila Rosati - Kik Corp

Milton, another great event!

Paul Godfrey - Toronto Blue Jays



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