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Sandwich Catering in Vaughan: Fast Yet Super Tasty Food is Required!

If you are beginning to organize a corporate lunch for your company, you will need to consider efficient options that will guarantee to incorporate tasty food. If you are feeling a little pressure to arrange the ‘best in food’ for your big event, considering the benefits that sandwich catering in Vaughan offers, is a must!

Why Sandwich catering?

Economically worthwhile

If you have an efficient and inexpensive budget to work with and of course you still want to provide the best in super yummy food, sandwich catering is definitely an option to consider. Other kinds of catering can come with an expensive price tag, however since the ingredients in sandwich platters are generally inexpensive, catering companies, such as Smokin Bones, can offer you extremely affordable pricing. Great news for your people and your corporate budget!

All taste buds will be satisfied

When organizing your next corporate lunch the number one goal is to make sure everyone attending will enjoy something on the menu.  Choosing sandwich catering in Vaughan is perfect for any picky group gathering with diverse taste buds.  You are guaranteed to have something for any of your guests to satisfy their particular palates.

An array of mouthwatering possibilities

Sandwich catering is an adaptable style of catering as your trays can be customized to any preferences of your employees effortlessly, and there are limitless options available to you. For example, at Smokin Bones you can choose from a cold sandwich platter made up of tasty options, a classic wraps platter, a gourmet sandwich selection, and if needed all of these options can be super-sized!  Everyone is guaranteed to enjoy his or her culinary corporate lunch experience.

Who Doesn’t like Sandwiches?

Sandwich catering is a safe and efficient bet to ensure everyone at your party is enjoying there time with good food and great company!  There is something for everyone in a good sandwich. Smokin Bones can create, from the most simple to diverse ingredients into sandwiches or wraps, to make sure everyone enjoys whatever they pick up to eat!

Prep Time is super quick!

Sandwich catering does not require intensive prep. This guarantees that your food can be prepared fast, which is a huge bonus if you are having your catered corporate lunch next week for example. It can also reduce overall costs as limited labour is required!

If you are seeking a sandwich catering company in Vaughan that can handle any of your catering requests, Smokin Bones is the place to contact today! It can handle any size affair, varying in size from 20-1000 guests, all the while ensuring to satisfy all dietary favourites and constraints, while never conceding quality, service or taste! 


What Our Clients Say About Us

Thank you for your help last week. Every event you do for us seems to be better than the one before. We love you.

Leila Rosati - Kik Corp

Milton, another great event!

Paul Godfrey - Toronto Blue Jays

You made our barbeque for 1500 guests seem like a walk in the park. Not only was the food outstanding but your ability to process that number of guests so quickly and painlessly was something to see. My compliments to your wonderful, always smiling staff. What a difference that makes.

Dawne Brodlieb - Pop Events


I've told you how important these events are to us and you have never let us down. I cannot express how wonderful it is to just call and know that everything will be taken care of. Don't ever leave us.

Michi G. Jameson - Cushman & Wakefield LePage Inc.



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