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What's on the Menu for BBQ Catering? 

Being in the midst of barbeque season, it’s a great time to think about a dynamite barbeque catering menu that will serve any outdoor summer get together or corporate party.  At Smokin Bones we pride ourselves on the many themed offerings we have on our menu to meet even the most finicky eaters expectations.  Here are our favourites in what we can offer you for your next gathering or celebration.

Why BBQ Catering?

Creating a fresh, yummy menu of food right in front of your guest’s eyes is a great way to get them excited to eat and socialize and leave your party filling full and satisfied.  The food is guaranteed to taste fresh, and hot for all of your friends and family to enjoy.  A barbeque-catering menu with many options and themes is key to making sure everyone loves the food.  Here are some barbeque catering menu options to try.

Memphis Griller

The Memphis Griller is a great traditional barbeque offering.  Choose from your favourite two salads and one of the following grilled items, all beef burgers, Jumbo all beef hotdogs or our exceptional tasting veggie burgers.  You will also get the freshest of melon in season, assorted drinks and the utensils that you need.

Original Southern Barbeque

At Smokin Bones we are known for our tasty back ribs.  They are so tender and juicy they will melt in your mouth while falling right off the bone.  In this menu option you get two choice of salads, slow smoked barbeque back ribs, fire roasted honey garlic chicken, fresh mini buns, in season freshly cut melon, your choice of drinks and whatever paper plates, cutlery and napkins you may require.

Ranch Hand Roundup

For your guests who are meat lovers, the Ranch Hand roundup is the perfect barbeque catering menu choice.  It comes with mouth watering roast beef brisket au jus, fire roasted honey garlic chicken, oven roasted potatoes, choice of two salads or sides, freshly baked dinner rolls, buttered sweet corn on the cob with sea salt, fresh cut melon and your choice of drinks and any paper goods.

Western Stampede

For your ultimate meat lover partygoer, the Western Stampede is the best choice!  This particular menu comes with aged prime rib roast, barbeque back ribs, homemade potato salad, freshly cut coleslaw, fresh dinner rolls with butter, in season fresh cut melon and disposable plates, cutlery and napkins.

Now that you are super hungry and craving some superb barbeque treats, the best choice is Smokin Bones for your next tasty event!  Our helpful staff will ensure we work within your budget and create the best barbeque-catering menu for your next party.  You can visit our website at and ask for a quote right on the spot or you can chat with one of our crew who will take you through our menu options efficiently to get you the best menu for what you are looking for.  Give us a call at 416-888-6458. 



What Our Clients Say About Us

Thank you for your help last week. Every event you do for us seems to be better than the one before. We love you.

Leila Rosati - Kik Corp

Milton, another great event!

Paul Godfrey - Toronto Blue Jays

You made our barbeque for 1500 guests seem like a walk in the park. Not only was the food outstanding but your ability to process that number of guests so quickly and painlessly was something to see. My compliments to your wonderful, always smiling staff. What a difference that makes.

Dawne Brodlieb - Pop Events


I've told you how important these events are to us and you have never let us down. I cannot express how wonderful it is to just call and know that everything will be taken care of. Don't ever leave us.

Michi G. Jameson - Cushman & Wakefield LePage Inc.



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