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5 Reasons To Get a Pre-Cooked Christmas Dinner Delivered To Your Home

Instead of becoming overwhelmed at the thought of spending countless hours preparing a holiday feast for your loved ones this year, why not get a pre-cooked Christmas catered dinner delivered to your home? When you order from a professional catering company like Smokin’ Bones, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive a delicious, professionally-executed holiday meal the whole family will rave about.

Why Should You Get a Pre-Cooked Christmas Dinner Delivered? 

No prep! All menu preparation, grocery shopping and actual cooking will be off your plate, leaving you all of that time to savour this wonderful time of year. Whether you’re hosting just family or a larger holiday party, you’ll now have time for those things we all dream about yet often don’t have time for, like watching a favorite holiday film, or having a Christmas carol sing-along with the kids.

A quality meal, every time. By using an expert catering company, you know you’re getting excellent quality. No need to worry that you overcooked the green beans or that your turkey will be too dry. We have multiple holiday options available to suit your taste and budget, so you can rest assured that whatever meal you plan will be a big hit. You are also guaranteed that the highest standards of food safety are implemented and no corners are cut, so you and your family are protected.

Perfect Presentation. When you get a pre-cooked Christmas dinner delivered by Smokin’ Bones, we know that presentation is important as well, so our team will ensure that the spread looks amazing. Who doesn’t want to take a couple of photos of a delectable looking Christmas feast? Our team’s attention to detail will ensure that when dinner time rolls around, “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” will be heard from all.  

We’ll serve it! The Smokin’ Bones team of professional caterers will handle the serving as well. You won’t have to keep jumping up from the table to slice more turkey, or grab more napkins. We’ve got you covered so you can focus your attention on the spirit of the evening and your loved ones’ company.

A stress-free you. Having a pre-cooked Christmas dinner delivered and served by an expert company removes the stress of planning and cooking your holiday meal, which allows you to truly be present for your family and guests. You can relax and be excited knowing that everything is taken care of and your guests will be greeted by a spirited and cheerful host!

Our Holiday Menu Favorites

Peruse some of our holiday menu favorites, each with fresh-baked dinner rolls included, and a choice between kale Caesar, house garden, traditional Greek-style, and roasted vegetable and goat cheese pasta salad. Gourmet sweets and holiday cookies are included with all of our holiday menus as well.

‘Tis The Season

Feast of the Season

Season of Giving

Why Go With Turkey?

Ever since Ebenezer Scrooge had a change of heart and delivered a beautiful Christmas turkey to the Cratchet family in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” turkey for Christmas dinner has become a beloved and iconic tradition. It’s considered the quintessential centerpiece for one of the most anticipated nights of the year. Be a part of a beautiful tradition by having your pre-cooked Christmas dinner delivered directly to you!

Why Choose Smokin’ Bones For Your Christmas Catering?

While the holiday season is a magical time of year, it can also be quite stressful – especially if you’re hosting dinner for your loved ones. Whether it’s just family or you’re hosting a larger holiday event, why not have a delicious pre-cooked Christmas dinner delivered directly to your home by the professional and experienced Smokin’ Bones team? We highly recommend turkey as the centerpiece on the big night, and it’s one of our most popular options, but we have other holiday meal options as well. Let us take the stress of Christmas dinner off of your plate so you can truly savor the evening and your loved ones’ company. Your guests will be impressed, satisfied and wanting more! Call us today at 416-888-6458, or visit our holiday menu options online.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Just wanted to thank you all for the delicious Christmas dinner. My family was very pleased with the fresh ingredients and the delicious homestyle turkey and brisket dinner. The presentation and the portions were perfect. The pick-up was smooth, and the staff was friendly. We will definitely recommend you to others and keep you in mind for future occasions. All the best and happy New Year!

Todd D  -

The food was sooo good, and my family loved it!! My mom was so happy eating the vegan meal, it was not oily, it was just perfect!!! We were so happy, and appreciate you making our special dinner happen:) thanks to your whole team, Merry Christmas!

P Chopra -

Thank you for your help last week. Every event you do for us seems to be better than the one before. We love you.

Leila Rosati - Kik Corp

Milton, another great event!

Paul Godfrey - Toronto Blue Jays



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